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Bone Ami Pet Services provides the quality in-home care, dog walking, and dog training you demand for your good friend.


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Bone Ami Pet Services boasts American Red Cross Pet CPR / Pet First Aid certification and Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer certification

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Pets are our close companions.  They provide love, comfort, happiness, laughter and friendship.  Because they are so special, we often feel guilty or worry about them when we leave them alone for any length of time.  At Bone Ami  Pet Services, we believe consistent care, exercise, and good household manners are necessary to ensure healthy pets.  We will gladly come to your house and take your dog(s) out for a walk, and/or care for your household pets, and train them basic obedience in their own environment.  Visits include feeding, walks, playtime and plenty of love.  Dog training includes 60 minute sessions in basic and advanced obedience.